Welcome to the NEW Commerce-Greenville (TX) Alumni page

The "Kornerstones," also known as, the "Foundation" is the inaugural (Alpha) line of the Commerce-Greenville (TX) Alumni chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.  

Crossing Date: November 13, 2021

Line Size: 11

Line Name: 11 Kornerstones of a Diamond (i.e. The Foundation) 

Line President: Samuel R. Wilkerson III

Line VP: Joshua Aviv

Line Secretary: Eric Smith Jr. 

Line Treasure: Anthony "Flem" Flemming

Ship Members: 

  1. Alan Beavers
  2. Joshua Aviv
  3. JaCedric Knight (Legacy) 
  4. Vernon Higgins
  5. Abdul King 
  6. Samuel R. Wilkerson III
  7. Javun Echols
  8. Eric Smith Jr. 
  9. Anthony Flemming
  10. Marcus Albright
  11. Kenneth Ellis